If you really want to learn to hypnotize and master hypnotic mind control, you need to understand how the mind works. The way to control someone’s mind is to talk to the unconscious mind. It’s the unconscious mind that controls almost everything we do.

Think about it, you eat, breathe even drive your car almost completely unconsciously. Yes you do decide what to eat but do you think to yourself, “OK, I am going to lift the fork to my mouth, I am going to put the food into my mouth, I’m going to chew. My food and then swallow it”. No, of course you don’t.

When you learn to hypnotize and use hypnotic mind control you want to use the same process as eating. You want the unconscious mind to decide to follow your commands.

So let us say I want someone to immediately like and trust me, as you think about that, getting someone to immediately like and trust me can be extremely powerful. When you like and trust me, you are much more likely to listen to me.

Doesn’t that just make sense? And isn’t it your goal to learn to hypnotize through hypnotic mind control to get someone to listen to you. So what would I do to get someone to like and trust me so they will listen to me.

We use something called a language pattern. A language pattern is really nothing more than a few sentences that use hypnotic language to speak directly to your unconscious mind. As you learn to hypnotize you this could be used as you walk up to meet someone you could say something like…

Hi, this may sound a little weird but did you ever “immediately like and trust someone” and as you “do that and let it happen” you may notice you “feel totally comfortable with this person” and the more you “feel comfortable with this person” the more you “like and trust him” and maybe you can “imagine a time in your future” say years from now “still liking and trusting this person” and “looking back on today” as being the start of it.

All the statements in “quotes” are embedded commands. After you learn to hypnotize you’ll naturally be able to use these easily and effectively.

So, that’s a way you can walk up to someone and get them to immediately like and trust you. There is so much more you can do with hypnotic mind control…

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